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Our philosophy is simple: we believe sunglasses shouldn’t be so expensive you’re afraid to wear them. They shouldn’t be stiff and pinch behind your ears. Sunglasses shouldn’t be so heavy they slide down your nose and leave those ugly red marks. They shouldn’t break after two days or have a “limited warranty” that doesn’t cover every kind of damage. Sunglasses should make you happy and your eyes happier.


We don’t think these things are too much to ask. In fact, we believe this is your right as our customer and that it’s our job to provide them for you.  


So get out there, put your Bendetti sunglasses to the test, life is waiting!


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Frame Tech: Our ultra-light frames are crafted from uber-soft memory plastic, providing lasting durability and unparalleled flexibility. This makes for a pair of super comfy sunglasses without all the annoying temple pinch or pressure behind the ears.


Many of our models also feature water-repelling rubber nose pads and temple tips that help your sunglasses stay put during outdoor activity. Go ahead and put them to the test - we stand behind every pair.



Lens Tech: All of our sunglasses come standard with double-thick, triacetate polarized lenses that block out 100% of damaging UVA & UVB rays for exceptionally crisp, vivid optics.


Our signature lens, Pacific Northwest Copper, actually enhances color contrast and increases visual clarity; perfect for climates that experience constantly changing weather patterns.   

Southwest Sepia lenses give considerable optical contrast while being a bit darker than a copper lens to help block out more light.

High Desert Gray lenses are excellent for geographical areas where the sun burns the brightest and little cloud cover exists.

Seaside Green lenses offer exceptional coverage for high sun but can also feel a bit more soothing to the eyes than a gray lens.

And our increasingly popular Rose City lens provides visual acuity and contrast while being superb in low to medium light conditions.


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