Ever come home to find your dog has mistaken your sunglasses for his favorite chew toy?

Our lifetime replacement program covers any damage of any kind.


Our lightweight, uber-soft frames are made from the strongest memory plastics available.


This eliminates annoying temple pinch and harsh pressure behind

the ears.


Check out our video to see them in action for yourself!


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mailing list!

This is our way of shamelessly

bribing our customers with awesome seasonal discounts, freebies and

secret coupon codes.

Bendetti Optics has proudly teamed up with Rare Earth Adventures, a Portland based company dedicated to getting you away from the chaotic stress of city life by customizing trips in the tranquility of the

great outdoors.


From the Pacific Northwest to all places

around the globe the guides and experts at Rare Earth will be testing and reviewing our

full product line of polarized eyewear in the only place that truly matters – out in the elements.